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Grit in Real Estate

Many professions require grit and determination much like athletics. Real estate is one of them. While the business of real estate encompasses more than just selling. It includes understanding financing, home maintenance, advising, problem-solving, marketing and so much more. At its core, real estate is sales. If we don’t sell the house, our client is not happy. If we don’t find a home that fits our client’s needs, they are not happy.
Grit becomes our guiding force as we serve our clients and move them toward their goals despite unforgiving markets and other challenges.
The ultimate mission is client satisfaction. Discouragement is easy in our business. The vast majority of agents drop out after only a few years (87% after five years, according to the National Association of REALTORS®). To be number one in your field is not only about working more hours, working smarter, and making more calls. It is about never giving up on your client.
Real estate agents must constantly evolve by understanding changing markets and relating to the needs of a variety of clients, from the first-time buyer to the downsizer. We are always working to improve our knowledge and skills because we understand that is the best way to serve our clients.
We have survived as agents for nearly 25 years because of the grittiness we have acquired through the process. When times get tough, we don’t give up. When the market is strong, we don’t become overconfident. We know there are good times and bad times in the market for our clients and for us. But we always keep working and we never give up. That is the essence of Grit, I am grateful to have acquired some.
If you need a real estate agent with proven Grit, please reach out. We take pride in helping our clients navigate the joys and challenges of buying and selling. When we have happy clients, we’ve done our job.

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