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She has always been in the “People” business. At one time, she actually worked for a company called People Inc. In the last few decades, she has been dedicated to career opportunities such as corporate staffing, human resources, mentoring, training, and managing teams of professionals. She has also coached clients and managed medical teams in the aesthetics arena where changes can also be life-changing. 
“It is an incredible feeling to know that you have found someone their new dream home. It is humbling to help someone’s family sell a home that is full of memories and cherished gatherings.”  Her goal is to take away the feeling that the real estate process is just a transaction. It is so much more than that! For her, real estate is about the story! It’s a story about a time in a client’s life when they are experiencing change. Usually, there are many thoughts behind any real estate decision.
“Real Estate to me is a people business! Full of emotion, excitement, and change. Technology has played a significant role in real estate, but it does not replace the human factors of the industry. As fast-paced as real estate can be, I feel I am a back-to-basic real estate professional.
I supply my clients with the knowledge they need to make a great decision, professionalism, honesty (even when it hurts), integrity to do the best job possible, and hand-holding when needed!”

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